MSI Z87 MPOWER MAX and MSI Z87 MPOWER Review and Rant.

Oh my god what an utter piece of shit this motherboard truly is.
I originally bought the MSI Z87 MPower Max back in September of 2013. I liked the features it had don’t get me wrong. I really like having a power button right on the motherboard itself for testing purposes. So here is a story that happened around April 16 2014. I made a decision to update the bios using MSI’s update software. So I get to the verification process, and what happens right at 87%? It just crashes and powers off instantly! Me sitting here in complete horror like “oh fuck”. I try to power it back on. No display on my screen at all! Black! Now I am sick to my stomach. I attempt to reset the bios, nothing. I attempt to clear the bios. Nothing. I attempt to use a backup of the bios. Nothing! I am now beyond pissed at this point. I take out an older graphics card and put it in to try and see if that would make a difference. Nope. This is under an extended warranty luckily so a replacement is picked up this time it isn’t the Mpower Max model they no longer carry it or even make it any more. It is the MSI Z87 MPOWER. It is now April 18, 2014 I rebuild my computer with this replacement. NO DISPLAY! AGAIN! Brand new board! I am sitting here like what the fuck!? So now I test the graphics card in another computer and it won’t even power on. That is dead for sure! No warranty on that of course! April 20, 2014 So now I go get replacements for the CPU and video card. Turn on the computer, STILL NO FUCKING DISPLAY! I sitting here completely dumbfounded and shocked. I take out specific components and only have the powersupply, CPU, video card and memory added. Still no display. I tested many different things, STILL no display! Which by the way the entire time I never hear an error code or anything. So now I feel like I fucked this up some how. April 21 2014, I go and get a totally different motherboard replacement and rebuild my computer with it. Not this shitty brand. And what happens? It turns on! After having to talk to someone from Microsoft to get my license transferred to this new board. Everything is fine! Fuck you MSI! FUCK YOUR PIECE OF SHIT MOTHERBOARD! I had to go through all of this trouble including having someone drive 35-40mins to and back from Microcenter with your shitty motherboard even a replacement by you which turned out to be dead! I would like to thank Microcenter for having awesome extended warranties! I just wish it was closer!