Toro Power Shovel Review

I had a really bad snow storm last season. I grew tired of having to break my back practically shoveling over and over. So I did a little research on something to try. After watching videos and reading different reviews. I got this little thing. I was a little iffy about it before I just used it today on around roughly 3 inches of wet snow. I am truly amazed by how powerful this little machine is. As I was cleaning my driveway, it was shooting so damn far that it nearly got on the neighbors driveway next door lol. So this is a back saver in my opinion. Haven’t used it yet on deep snow. I have an actual electric snow blower for that situation. The only downside I have is, if you are a tall person you will have to bend down slightly to use it. Over all this machine is powerful and will clean your small driveway and porch fast or even decks if you want.