Clown Review


Clowns are scary right? Well, in this case the transformation of a demonic clown sure looks scary. This movie is about a man who puts on a clown suit he finds in a home he is fixing up and planning on selling. He does this for his son’s birthday party. So, he tries to take off the suit and everything with it, and it does not even come off! Not at all! He tries to cut it off and saw it off. Nothing! After a while, he starts becoming very hungry. And lets just say once he transforms, it is quite drastic and quite graphic on parts. I feel this movie over all is a very basic “B” type of movie. I didn’t really find it scary much myself. Also it takes a while for the movie to pick up. In a ways this is a knock off of the movie “It” and many others following it. Do I feel it is worthy to watch? Kind of, it isn’t really boring per say. However, it isn’t really what I call a full blown scary horror movie. This is more of a horror movie than anything else without it being really “scary”.