GIGABYTE GA-Z87X-UD5H LGA 1150 Intel Z87 Review

Either I have bad luck or I don’t know what is going on. On April 9th, 2015. We had to have Google come out to replace our dvr and network box. They had me move my computer over to the opposite side and I did. Then after I powered it on, all of my USB ports except for the front 2 on my case work. WHAT THE FUCK?! Luckily, I had an extra usb controller pci card. So installed that. I am so pissed off from this. Why must companies make flawed pieces of shit hardware that fails not even a year later? As of right now, I am not going to be replacing the board. I honestly do not want to have to rebuilt my computer all over again. I am lucky this thing isn’t worse than just those ports no longer working.