Mortal Kombat X Review


I grew up with the Mortal Kombat franchise. So obviously, this was a pre-ordered game for me. There are a lot of fighters in this game. Roughly 29+ to be exact. The graphics are amazing the sounds are awesome. This is truly an amazing fighting game. I really enjoy the fatalities. Some made me laugh my ass off. I am still working on beating the “Klassic” tower mode with many of the other fighters. That is my goal. This is very fun to play. Some fighters are a little too powerful I’ve noticed. That was about my only downside(Corrupted Shinnok is a bitch kind of.) and also the fact that the story mode was just kind of whatever to me. The faction tower is different. Quite random in ways you can end up killing yourself just by doing special attacks. LOL. I feel this is well worth owning especially if you are a long time fan of Mortal Kombat like I am! Oh and here is the link for the a fatality moves list. /mortal-kombat-x-fatality-moves-list/