The Evil Within Review


This game took me forever to complete. The main reason being, it is way beyond frustrating! They made this game too hard even on casual difficulty. I started it on the harder difficulty at first. That was a HUGE mistake. On that mode, you barely get any ammo or health kits and the enemies are even harder. The story doesn’t make much sense at all. You play as a detective who is investigating a murder scene. Gets knocked out. Wakes up and the whole world around him is all different and twisted with evil beings. He tries to find out what is the cause of all of this. Pretty much all of the characters on this game are blah. I do not feel this has much of a replay value. Although, it does give you a machine gun and a rocket launcher after you beat the game once. I may or may not even bother with it. Honestly, it is too frustrating to go through that entire mess again. After I had completed the game it said I died 121 total times lol. I do not really recommend this game that much to anyone who doesn’t have a TON of patience because of how ridiculously hard it is. You have no direction to tell you what to do or where to go at all the entire time. It is like they want you to just keep dying till you figure it out on your own.(VERY STUPID IN MY OPINION.) This game is too hard to even be considered “fun”. Only certain Chapters(levels) are fun. Very few of them. If you have patience, go for it. Otherwise pass because this is too frustrating. Actual game play by me beating the final boss is below.