The Evil Within 2 Review

A sequel to The Evil Within. This continues three years after the Beacan Mental Hospital incident. Sebastian Castellanos has since left the police department to hopefully uncover the truth about the “MOBIUS” group which is behind the “stem” research. (Think of the movie The Cell or even The Matrix). MOBIUS is a very bad group that is basically planning on controlling the entire world. Sebastian learns that his daughter is still alive and that MOBIUS has her connected to the system. MOBIUS is wanting him to actually find her because she is the “core” of their dark virtual world of hell which has grown unstable. Since I own and completed the first The Evil Within, I was kind of concerned to even bother trying this game. The first game was super frustrating to the point of almost unplayable. This game is totally different from that especially on the “Casual” difficulty. Which I totally recommend people doing because it provides you with ammo and items that you do need. The story is a lot better this time around. The game play is actually very fun on top of it being creepy on certain situations. A lot of the creatures look quite disturbing. Using stealth is a key factor in getting through this game. I highly recommend this game to anyone that is into survival horror and/or action/shooting games. This is a great improvement from the first game.