WWE WrestleMania 34 Review

A lot of major matches.
Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal (Kickoff Match)
During this, Woken Matt Hardy got some assistance by Bray Wyatt. My thoughts on this are simple, I really enjoy watching “Woken” Matt Hardy character especially the specific match he had with Bray at his compound that is the type of entertainment the WWE needs to do more of. As far as Bray goes, I do hope they allow him to have more of a fulfillment of his character. Pairing him with “Woken” Matt Hardy is a good play.

Cruiserweight Championship Match (Kickoff Match)
I believe both Cedric Alexander and Mustafa Ali are amazing performers in the ring. It highly showed during this match. Cedric won.

Women’s Battle Royal (Kickoff Match)
Bayley thought she had won, but Naomi wasn’t ever eliminated so she got back in the ring and eliminated Bayley. I really enjoy the women’s division a lot actually some times more than the men’s.

Intercontinental Championship Triple Threat
Watching Seth Rollins do his stomp on both The Miz and Finn Balor was epic. On top of all three of them doing a great performance.

SmackDown Women’s Championship
Charlotte Flair is a super athlete and always is truly amazing in the ring. Asuka is also a great performer. This match went back and forth like I knew it would. What I didn’t expect, was Asuka to lose by Charlotte making her submit. Which in turn stops Asuka’s undefeated streak. I wouldn’t want any other woman to stop her other than Charlotte Flair.

United States Championship
Ugh, I am not satisfied with how this was at all. Can we please stop seeing Jinder Mahal get help from others? He is built enough and has the skill enough to win on his own! Which by the way Jinder won. They are all great performers yet they are not utilized properly. Especially Bobby Rode. The most under utilized performer would have to be Rusev whom of which is over with the crowd yet they never push him! At least Randy Orton helps newer guys. I am just unhappy with how they use them.

Mixed Tag Team Match
Ronda Rousey’s first wrestling match and it is on the most important event of them all. I have to say she looked like she has been doing this for many years and I thank all of the trainers for helping her learn the business. Most of all I thank her for training as hard as she does. Ronda and Kurt won the match. I did like how Stephanie and Triple H came out on motor cycles that was pretty cool. Overall I thought this was a decent match.

SmackDown Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Match
Bruteforce vs teams with high agility and speed. Bruteforce wins. Your winner and new Smackdown Tag Team Champions The Bludgeon Brothers. I sort of seen this coming. I would have liked to see The New Day and The Usos do more in it and the match be a lot longer than it was. It felt too short and not enough craziness.

Special Match
Undertaker beat John Cena in a complete squash short match. As much as it was great to see The Undertaker, this didn’t feel like a “Mania” moment to me. This should have have been longer and also should have been promoted a lot better.

Tag Team Match
Seeing Daniel Bryan wrestle again was great. He performs exactly the same he did years ago. Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan won. Which meant both Kevin Owens and Sammy Zane are fired from Smackdown. This was a good match. I didn’t even honestly think Shane and Daniel would win.

Raw Women’s Championship Match
Alexa being the bully her character is gets beat by Nia. I had a feeling this was going to happen. Nia needed the revenge. I am very happy for her to win the raw women’s championship on the biggest
event of the year.

WWE Championship Match
Two of the greatest performers going at it. AJ Styles retains the WWE Championship. Shinsuke Nakamura all of the sudden turns heel? Hitting AJ in the balls after the match and attacking him. This was a great match the ending was very disturbing.

Raw Tag Team Championship Match
Well now this was just silly and unexpected. Braun went into the crowd and chose a 10 year old kid to be his partner! Yes you read that right. Then they won against Cesaro and Sheamus. What made this be even more ridiculous, was that Braun gave the belts up on Raw because that kid couldn’t be with him on his schedule. I would have rather Braun team up with someone else who is a beast but it was cool to have a fan be a part of a match like that.

Universal Championship Match
What the hell was this? I expected Roman to finally win. NOPE! Brock Lesnar bloodied Roman and F5’d him like five times. You could hear the crowd the entire time saying it was boring. Yes this was very stupid and ridiculous. I feel the Universal Championship should be on someone who is hard working and is there all of the time and not just only showing up a few times. This was a shit show.