The Last of Us: Part II Review

A very dark sequel to the game The Last of Us. The story itself thrives on the realistic reactions by others actions. Thus Ellie and others choose to go down a dark path of anger and revenge putting themselves in danger and causing collateral damage in the process. This game is not for the weak of hart it is extremely violent. For the type of game it is, that is what you would expect. The infected are still a major danger in this game including a few new types. One of which that explodes acid spores around itself and another type that uses stealth to attack. At first, I felt bad for Ellie but as I continued to play the game, I started realizing she is selfish and is choosing to keep going down a dark path leaving herself to just be all alone in apocalyptic world. Anyone expecting a “positive” ending. It is not that. So many bad horrible events happen along the way it is like watching and controlling an episode of The Walking Dead. Overall the game is truly amazing for how realistic it looks and is. I noticed only a few minor glitches when interacting with the environment. This is a great sequel I recommend it especially if you enjoyed the first game.