Returnal Review

A very challenging and intense action game. There are no game saves virtually. You unlock an extra life item and other survival items to help you get through the tough fights. When you die you lose all of your items and buffs. Once you get passed the first half of the game its different. After that moment you will notice you don’t have to level your gun from level 1 any more. There are a lot of amazing guns you will find as you progress they will spawn randomly each time once you unlock them. The enemies are plenty and there are a lot of gun fights that are very intense. The boss fights are challenging and also very rewarding because they also allow you to progress in a way to where you do not have to fight them again unless you choose to do so. Do not be intimidated by it if you die a lot. That is actually the point. The enemies change, the items change, as does some of the rooms each time you die. This PS5 exclusive is a very fun challenging game. I highly recommend it.