Dying Light 2 Review

A sequel to Dying Light. 15 years have passed since the virus in Harran. The infected are all over some during the day but the worst are at night. Bandits are on the streets as well during the day. There are all kinds of threats. Right off the bat, I came across a major game breaking bug that prevents you from progressing through the main story quests. The only way I could resolve it was by starting completely over. I’ve completed the main story shortly after. However I even noticed even more bugs including a clipping issue with the final boss where he was clipped into the walls and I couldn’t even do anything to him. There are various bugs that have still yet to be fixed. I am not happy with any of that. I feel they have rushed the release of this game before polishing it to perfection. If it weren’t for the many bugs, this game would be worth the price it is. I do not feel that is the case at its current state. If you must buy this wait till it goes down in price maybe by then it won’t have any bugs.