Saints Row 2022 Review

A reboot/sequel to the Saints Row game. You play as the boss of a gang that wants to takeover over a city. Think of this having very similar aspect as like grand theft auto except it is a lot funner. I honestly wish there were more games like this. I am a fan of the Saints Row games. Now don’t get me wrong some of the other ones are not like the others and have way more over the top silly elements to them. This one has some very funny things to it but not too over the top. The game has a few glitches here and there. If you can ignore those, you will have fun playing this game as I do. Over all this is a great game for anyone to just mess around and act stupid on haha. There are so many things to do on it so you won’t run out on things to do. Check this out if you want to have some serious fun and cause mayhem haha.