Mortal Kombat 11 Review

Who is ready for some more Mortal Kombat? Fighters from past and present are working together to save the world against a dangerous and powerful woman named Kronika who controls time. The game play is pretty amazing. Some fighters are better than others as far as controlling them goes. There are a lot of unique fatalities which is what this game thrives on. Story mode is decent this time around. There are also many different fighting towers to challenge you. Including the towers of time. Which pits against fighters with random buffs and other elements luckily, you can use consumables to help you get through them. My only complaint about this game is the “kurrency” of the krypt. You will find you sort of have to farm quite a lot to unlock items. Also the computer AI is very ridiculous some times to the point where it predicts every little button you push and do.  Overall I really enjoy this game I’ve been a fan since the first Mortal Kombat came out. This is a great sequel to the previous games.


Also here is a list of how to do the fatalities of the current character roster. (Will be updated once DLC characters are available)


Food For Thought (Close): Left, Down, Left, Triangle/Y/X
Rock, Paper, Baraka (Close): Left, Right, Left, X/A/B

Cassie Cage

I ❤ u (Mid): Down, Down, Right, Circle/B/A
#GirlPower (Far): Left, Down, Down, Left, Triangle/Y/X


Maintaining Balance (Mid): Left, Down, Right, Down, Circle/B/A
Good And Evil (Mid): Left, Down, Left, X/A/B


New Species (Close): Left, Right, Left, X/A/B
Can’t Die (Mid): Left, Down, Down, Circle/B/A

Erron Black

Melted (Mid): Down, Down, Down, Square/X/Y
Death Trap (Mid): Down, Right, Down, Triangle/Y/X


Ice Sculpture (Close): Right, Left, Down, Square/X/Y
The Cyber Initiative (Mid): Left, Right, Down, Right, Circle/B/A


Phasing Through Time (Anywhere): Left, Down, Down, X/A/B
Peeling Back (Close): Down, Right, Left, Square/X/Y

Jacqui Briggs

Spider Mines (Mid): Right, Left, Right, X/A/B
Nothin’ But Neck (Mid): Left, Right, Left, Circle/B/A


Bow Before Me (Anywhere): Down, Down, Right, Down, Circle/B/A
Pole Dance (Close): Left, Right, Down, Right, Square/X/Y


Coming In Hot (Close): Left, Down, Left, X/A/B
Still Got It (Close): Left, Right, Left, Down, Square/X/Y

Johnny Cage

Mr. Cage’s Neighborhood (Close): Right, Left, Down, Down, Circle/B/A
Who Hired This Guy (Close): Right, Down, Right, Square/X/Y


Road Rash (Mid): Left, Right, Down, Right, X/A/B
Hooked (Close): Down, Down, Down, Circle/B/A


Last Dance (Close): Right, Down, Down, Square/X/Y
Face Like A Dropped Pie (Close): Left, Down, Right, Triangle/Y/X


Gore-Nado (Mid): Down, Down, Down, Down, Triangle/Y/X
Royal Execution (Mid): Down, Left, Right, Square/X/Y

The Kollector

For The Kollection (Close): Down, Down, Down, Down, Circle/B/A
Head Lantern (Close): Down, Right, Left, Square/X/Y

Kotal Kahn

Totem Sacrifice (Close): Left, Down, Left, X/A/B
Kat Food (Close): Left, Right, Left, Right, Square/X/Y

Kung Lao

Headed Nowhere (Close): Down, Right, Left, Down, Triangle/Y/X
Meat Slicer (Close): Down, Right, Down, X/A/B

Liu Kang

Burn Out (Close): Down, Left, Down, Right, Square/X/Y
Belly of the Beast (Mid): Left, Down, Left, Right, Triangle/Y/X


War Ritual: F, B, F, B, Triangle/Y/X (Close)

-Komo-tose: D, D, D, Circle/B (Close)


Noob Saibot

Split Decision (Mid): Left, Right, Left, Right, Circle/B/A
Double Trouble (Close): Down, Down, Down, Square/X/Y


Alternating Current (Mid): Left, Down, Left, Square/X/Y
Direct Current (Close): Down, Right, Left, X/A/B


You’re Next (Far): Left, Down, Down, Square/X/Y
Chain Reaction (Mid): Down, Right, Left, Triangle/Y/X

Shang Tsung

Kondemned To The Damned: Back, Forward, Down, Down Square/X

Shokan Reborn: Back, Forward, Back, Circle/B

Shao Kahn

Back Blown Out (Close): Left, Right, Down, Down, Triangle/Y/X
Kahn-Sequences (Close): Left, Right, Left, Square/X/Y


Bloody Mess (Mid): Right, Left, Down, X/A/B
Heart Condition (Mid): Down, Down, Right, Circle/B/A

Sonya Blade

To The Choppa (Mid): Down, Right, Left, Triangle/Y/X
Supply Drop (Close): Left, Right, Down, X/A/B


Ice-Cutioner (Mid): Left, Right, Left, Triangle/Y/X
Frozen In Time (Mid): Right, Down, Right, Circle/B/A